TL - Truckload freight definition.

Truckload is a mode of freight for larger shipments that typically occupy more than half and up to the full capacity of a 48’ or 53’ trailer. This method is commonly used when shippers decide they have enough items to fill a truck, want their shipment in a trailer by itself, the freight is time-sensitive or the shipper decides it’s more cost-effective than other options.

TL - Freight shipping rates for full truckload (TL) shipments.

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Benefits of truckload shipping.

  • Faster transit times: Goods that are shipped via full truckload generally arrive at their destination quicker than goods that are shipped via LTL’s hub-and-spoke model.
  • Less chance of damage: Full truckload shipments are generally less susceptible to damages as they are handled less times than LTL shipments.
  • Rates: If shipments are large enough to require the entire use of a trailer’s space, it could be more cost effective than booking multiple LTL shipments.

LTL - Less-Than-Truck-Load freight definition.

LTL shipping stands for Less Than Truck Load, meaning that the shipment will not take up an entire truck.  These types of shipments typically weigh between 100 and 10,000 pounds.

LTL freight shipments will often take a bit longer to reach their destinations, due to the multiple shipments on board creating frequent stops. If time is of the essence, you may want to consider FTL shipping.

LTL - Freight shipping rates for LTL shipments.

With an LTL shipment, you only pay for the space in the truck that you need. For example, if your shipment only takes up one-third of the space on the truck, you only pay for one-third of the truck. The rest of the truck will then be filled with other small shipments from other companies, making LTL freight shipping a great choice for small businesses that don’t ship in large quantities and are looking for something that is budget friendly.

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