Cross-Docking Advantages

Our Milwaukee (Franklin) Wisconsin based facilities have cross-docking services, which allow us to break down the received items at the loading dock and match them with final destination orders.  This immediate transfer of goods from transportation to fulfillment limits the time spent in warehouse, which reduces or eliminates the costs associated with traditional warehousing.

Our system and oversight also provide visibility to both factory production and inbound freight.  Receipts, transfers, shipments, and status changes are tracked internally for our clients.

Regional Services

Dalor has several customers utilizing regional distribution centers (RDC) and cross docking is an important element in making the RDCs successful. Utilizing cross-docking helps our clients:

  • Reduced warehousing costs
  • Shorter delivery lead times
  • Increased rate at which orders are filled
  • Improved product tracking

As a third party logistics provider, we work with business across the nation to help manage dedicated warehouses, streamline supply chains and provide innovative solutions. Cross-docking and warehousing logistics are just some of the many services we provide our clients in order to reduce warehousing costs and transportation lead times.

We can also serve certain clients looking exclusively for cross-docking facilities and services in the Midwest through our network of warehouses in the greater Chicago/Milwaukee area. To learn more about our Milwaukee location, or to learn more about our cross-docking facilities contact us today.

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